Sushi Bake Recipe

sushi bakeSushi Bake with a portion scooped out

For potlucks and get togethers, I always make Sushi Bake. It is the no-fail, crowd pleaser. This Sushi Bake recipe came from a friend but I modified some of the directions. You can use imitation crab or real crab meat. The advantage with using real crab meat is that it is easier to cook with. You can skip the unwrapping, thawing, and chopping process that you’ll have to do with imitation crab.



1 cup raw Japanese rice (Calrose)
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream
1 lb. frozen imitation crab sticks (chopped) or real crab meat
1/2 lb. frozen, raw baby shrimp (chopped)
Tobiko aka Masago (orange fish eggs)
1 container of Furikake seasoning
1 – 2 pkgs of Japanese Nori seaweed
one 9X13″ pan or glass baking dish


  1. Cook rice.
  2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Boil raw baby shrimp for a few minutes, until the shrimp color turns pink.
  3. Turn off the heat and remove cooked shrimp from water with a slotted spoon, leaving the hot water in the pot.
  4. Defrost frozen crab sticks, leaving wrapper on, in this hot water.
  5. Chop baby shrimp into small pieces.
  6. Remove crabs sticks from hot water and unwrap plastic wrap, then chop crab sticks into small pieces.
  7. Combine crab sticks, baby shrimp, mayonnaise, and sour cream together in a bowl and mix well.
  8. Spread cooked rice onto 9X13″ pan.
  9. Spread crab stick, baby shrimp, mayonnaise, and sour cream mixture over the cooked rice.
  10. Spread Tobiko over mixture, then sprinkle Furikake over the dish.
  11. Bake at 375 degrees (about 15 to 20 minutes).

sushi bake ricesushi with seaweed
Serve with Korean style nori or Japanese nori (sushi seaweed). Cut seaweed sheets in four. Add a spoonful of baked sushi on each seaweed, fold it into a roll and enjoy.

Note: All the ingredients can be found in most large Asian supermarkets (Chinese, Korean, or Japanese).

Where to Buy Ingredients: YummySF store.

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25 Responses to Sushi Bake Recipe

  1. sammy z says:

    awesome recipe. We followed it to the teeth and it was delicious!

  2. Annie A. says:

    Thanks for sharing and posting your delicious recipe. My daughter just love making this dish. This is her first dish to make and she is really proud about it. Thank you for putting her in the kitchen and sharing the joy of cooking with me.
    God Bless you.

  3. erica says:

    sounds like a very yummie recipe, have never made anything like this before and wish there was a finished dish picture!
    i’m not sure what its supposed to look like.. how do you serve it with sushi seaweed? put it on and wrap it ?? or just put it on?..

  4. Amy says:

    I’ve made this dish so many times and each time, I’d like to deviate from this recipe. I’ve substitue with unagi where I cut up into pieces, I also layer with cream cheese and avocado or cucumbers, and I will also layer with eggs before topping it off with furikaku. All these ingredients are what you would normally see in a maki roll.

  5. Fanny says:

    Those substitutions sound delicious. I might try those combinations. Thanks for the comment, Amy!

  6. Wil says:

    Try mixing in a little wasabi mayonaise for some kick.

  7. Fanny says:

    Like the Wasabi Mayo from Trader Joe’s? Great suggestion.

  8. Mononoke says:

    I substituted American mayo with Japanese which is what they use in Japanese restaurants. Trust me, it tastes a lot better than the US mayo. I also use avocado for a layer (you can use cucumbers as well but avocado tastes better), another layer, I use egg, pan fried and cut into strips. I use the furikake seasing and mix in with the rice before spreading it onto the pan and cover the bake with the plain furikake (nori only without the seasoning).

  9. Mononoke says:

    I also make my own wasabi mayo!

  10. odster says:

    FINALLY! I’ve been looking for this recipe. i got a similar recipe from a friend but it didn’t have exact measurements (hers also has the wasabi mayo) i’ve been guessing how much of what to use. I will try this one for sure. thanks!

  11. Fanny says:

    Glad you like it!

  12. Trang says:

    I followed all the recipes listed, with the exception of just using regular rice as opposed to the listed Japanese rice, and boy this dish was DELISH !! It was totally worth the time making it! If you haven`t done so already, try this dish!! Thanks for sharing !

  13. Grace says:

    My cousin makes this all the time, but without the shrimp. I absolutely love it! I’m thinking of making this recipe for a potluck this weekend. Thanks!

  14. Fanny says:

    Grace, glad you like it. Sushi bake is perfect for potluck!

  15. This is an interesting take on Sushi I was not familiar with. I will definitely give it a go.

  16. Don D says:

    Thanks for the recipe! We just tried it today and it was the first dish to go! We tried it with chopped shitake mushrooms, green onions and it was yummy! My brother suggested on topping it with sashimi after it comes out of the oven. Thanks again!

  17. Wilma says:

    YUM! I tasted this at a pot luck that I recently went to. I was delighted to find your recipe. I added shitake mushrooms and avocado. This dish is made to be wrapped in nori or can be eaten as seasoned rice with a main dish. I served this for my family with chicken katsu.

  18. Chelan says:

    Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent it as a family of 4 just hanging out together at home. We made this sushi bake together with sticky rice, crab/baby shrimp layer, & the orange masago layer, w/teriyaki Furikake seasoning sprinkled on top. It was ok…but then we chilled it for an hour, cut it in squares, split it in half lengthwise,& added a layer of cream cheese & avocado slices…and then – ONLY THEN was it delicious! To us, there’s somthing not right about a hot sushi dish. After it was cooled, all it needed in my husband’s and my opinion, was a slight drizzle of teriyaki sauce. He asked for 3rds! This new version is something I could definitely see myself making for a party in the future & watching friends rave about it ;)

  19. Fanny says:

    Chelan, Awesome! Yes, by the time we eat it, it’s usually cold. Glad you figured out some revisions to make it your own. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Rachel says:


  21. Katherine says:

    Try using kimchee base/mayo combo….delish!

  22. Carlene says:

    Do you use the ENTIRE container of furikake seasoning? Or just sprinkle the seasoning?

  23. Fanny says:

    Hi Carlene,

    Just sprinkle over the top. It may take up most of the container.

  24. Lorelie says:

    We’re addicted to this dish! Even my 20-month old loves it and she’s a picky eater! Thank you for sharing this recipe. :)

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