Millbrae Pancake House – Breakfast All Day!

I’m back, everyone! I have been busy traveling, from Fort Bragg, CA to the Big Island of Hawaii. And I have brought back some goodies that I will share with you soon… If you have trouble viewing YummySF in Internet Explorer, please try Mozilla Firefox for now. Thanks!

My all time favorite breakfast place is not IHOP or Denny’s. (BTW, please do not ever take me to those places!) It is Millbrae Pancake House, hands down. Nestled quietly in a quaint red building on El Camino Real lies an old fashioned breakfast place with authentic hot chocolate overflowing with whipped cream, delicious omelettes that come with pancakes

Vegetarian Omelette
Vegetarian Omelette

Swedish Pancakes
Swedish Pancakes

(regular or Swedish) and perfectly crisped hash browns, and more. My favorite item is the vegetarian omelette and Swedish pancakes (delightful, thin crepes served with Lingonberry butter).

Other items on the menu include waffles, eggs and sausages, classic American breakfast items, sandwiches, and dinner entrees like Chicken Fried Steak, served in plentiful portions with steamed vegetables, baked potato or rice pilaf, soup or salad and a delicious, buttered and toasted Hawaiian bread dinner roll. Dinner is also served all day.

If you go on a Saturday, try arriving before 10am to avoid the crowds.

Millbrae Pancake House
1301 El Camino Real

Millbrae, CA 94030

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