Matcha Tea Ceremony at The Republic of Tea Booth – Fancy Food Show 2013

This year at the Fancy Food Show, The Republic of Tea did something different at their booth. They had a traditional Matcha Tea Ceremony performed by a Japanese woman dressed in a kimono.

I felt privileged to be a part of this because I’ve never seen a tea ceremony in person. I have seen it on TV, where they spend 10 minutes cleaning the cup and everything else!

She did some quick cleaning (not 10 minutes) and went straight to the whisking part, which was what I was interested in. FYI: This isn’t a super formal tea ceremony because we were standing.

She made the tea just for me and it was really good. There was foam on the top from the whisking, which made it almost like a cappuccino-like experience.

In the video, you’ll see how to correctly mix Matcha tea. I’ve had a problem getting the powder to blend into water in the past. After watching this ceremony, I was able to finally mix a perfect cup of Matcha tea at home.
u-matcha gift set

The Republic of Tea gave me a U-Matcha Gift Set – a Matcha tea tin and the Japanese bamboo whisk. Thanks, Alicia! I was super excited about getting the whisk because it makes all the difference when it comes to blending clumpy Matcha powder.

If you want to make good Matcha tea, you need this bamboo whisk! It’s hand made in Japan and made from one piece of bamboo. And it’s pretty awesome! This would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves tea. I bet you they don’t have this whisk!

With Matcha, you can make it with just hot water or add milk and sweetener to make a Matcha green tea latte, which is my favorite. Or add some to your ice cream maker to make Matcha green tea frozen yogurt or green tea ice cream!

Matcha green tea has a ton of Vitamin C, which is great for your skin. And it has less than half the amount of caffeine, giving you a light boost in energy.

Also, I learned a good tip. Store your Matcha tea in the fridge!

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