Kusina – Gluten-Free Filipino Entrees

What’s interesting about Filipino food? There’s really no gluten-free versions out there.

For Asian food, most people know Chinese food, Japanese food, Thai food, and Vietnamese food. But they’re not as familiar with Filipino food. Filipino food is beginning to become recognized by foodies through the popularity of food trucks and having Filipino friends.

I was introduced to Filipino food through my husband, who is Filipino. All I have to say is Filipino food is amazing! It’s hearty, comfort food that you’ll turn to, time and time again.

If you don’t have any Filipino friends, make some! And if you’re ever invited to a Filipino party, go! Eat your heart out! Adobo, lumpia, pancit and I’m set.

If you not fortunate enough to know any Filipino people, then try these frozen Filipino food entrees. Now it’s available to the masses.

gluten free sisig

Ramar Foods, a family-owned company who has dominated the Filipino food market in Asian markets have branched out with their new brand, Kusina. This brand of frozen Filipino entrees feature Adobo, Chicken Empanadas, and Vegetable Lumpia (like egg rolls but better).

This year, they’ve come out with a line of gluten-free frozen entrees for Chicken Adobo, Pork Adobo, Vegetable Pancit (stir-fry rice noodles), and Chicken Sisig (diced and sauteed chicken, sour and spicy). Kusina entrees are available at Whole Foods.

Check out our interview with PJ Quesada of Ramar Foods introducing the gluten-free line at the Fancy Food Show in SF 2013.

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