Emporio Rulli Cafe at Union Square


Emporio Rulli Cafe is conveniently located inside the Union Square plaza in San Francisco. If you sit outside of the cafe, you can see a 360 view of some of the biggest department stores – Macy’s, Tiffany and Co., Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. It’s breathtaking!

On the menu, this cafe has a wide variety of tempting, Italian pastries and desserts and Italian coffees. What you’ll notice when you walk in is that there is no menu displayed on the wall, like most cafes. But they have a restaurant menu that you can look at. Emporio Rulli Cafe has the standard coffee drinks – latte, mocha, cappucino, and espresso. I tried their mocha, and the Italian espresso they use is a rich, dark roast that I’ve never had before. And I like it! I also tried a pastry that had a filling and was really good, but forgot the name. All of the pastries and desserts displayed in the glass case, look really good.

I also went for lunch one day, but was disappointed. They have pre-made paninis and salads. What made the experience bad was that the waiter never gave us our check, even after we asked for it 3 times and waited over 10 minutes. We were so frustrated that we left our money on the table and left.

My suggestion is to order your food at the counter instead of being waited on, at a table. Nevertheless, it’s a great place for a coffee and dessert break from shopping or work, with a beautiful background.

Emporio Rulli Cafe
333 Post St

San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 433-1122

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One Response to Emporio Rulli Cafe at Union Square

  1. J.Ho says:

    Before I moved to southern California (and then to Boston) I used to take my beagle, Dharma, for walks around Union Square. One time I wanted some coffee and a scone from Emporio Rulli Cafe. I tied Dharma’s leash to a movable post (the kind that outside cafés use with plastic chains). I walked into the café to order my coffee and I heard some screams and loud banging. Dharma had taken off while dragging two or three of those chain post things behind her. The café people didn’t think it was very funny. As cute as Dharma was, she was a very bad girl. She was also very, very strong and fast for a beagle.

    Anywhoo … The coffee and pastries at Emporio Rulli Café were excellent. However, I totally agree with your assessment of the servic. Sub-standard and very snooty. But hey, it’s San Francisco! After living in Las Vegas for so long I was used to world class service no matter where I went. When I moved to San Francisco, I noticed real quick that many, many places were more about attitude than about quality service. The best service I have ever received in San Francisco was at La Barca.

    Did you always have comments enabled on this site or was I not looking hard enough?


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