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On one Saturday morning, after venturing to the Alemany Farmer’s Market in San Francisco, my husband was on a quest to get his knives sharpened. The usual knife sharpening vendor he frequented at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market was on vacation. So he yelped a new knife sharpening vendor – Bernal Cutlery.

Upon arriving at 331 Cortland Ave., we made the pleasant discovery of a whole new hot spot and mini-marketplace of artisan food vendors! This space of 5 kiosks, houses Dezy’s Drinks & Wholesome Bakery, Bernal Cutlery, El PorteƱo Empanadas, ICHI Lucky Cat Sushi, and Paulie’s Pickling. What a find!

While my husband was busy talking to Josh of Bernal Cutlery, I somehow wandered to the end of the space, at Dezy’s Drinks and Wholesome Bakery, which both share a kiosk. Right away, I noticed thermoses of chai sitting on a metal shelf. Not one or two but 4 choices of handmade chai! OMG, chai heaven!!!


I was able to sample all of them – Original Indian Chai, Almond Chai, Almond Vanilla Chai, and Rose Chai. The Rose Chai was and still is my favorite. I love that you can sample the flavors before buying.

The chais are available hot or iced. I’m starting to develop a liking for iced chai. You can buy a small cup ($3.75) or a 32 oz. jar of chai ($9.50). Return the empty jar and get 50 cents back towards your next purchase. These unique delicious chais are handmade by Desiree Saloman aka “Dezy”, pictured in the first photo above.


Here’s the breakdown Chai flavors:

Almond Vanilla Chai - Cardomom, Ginger, Vanilla, Black Tea, and Almond Milk

Almond Chai - Cardomom, Ginger, Black Tea, and Almond Milk

Original Indian Chai – Cardomom, Ginger, Black Tea, and Milk

Rose Chai – Rose Petal, Honey, and Milk

The almond milk chais are perfect for vegans. Dezy keeps coming up with new flavors.

Dezy also makes a whole line of lemonade refreshers which I have yet to try. And she carries Four Barrel coffee. But if I am making a trip to Dezy’s Drinks in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights, I am there for chai. Drop by 331 Cortland Ave., grab a chai, and say hi to Dezy for me.

Dezy’s Drinks
331 Cortland Ave.
San Francisco, CA


Tuesday – Friday 7:30am-8pm
Saturday – Sunday 8am-8pm

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