Cup4Cup – Professional Grade Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking Flour

I got the awesome opportunity to go to the Winter Fancy Food Show 2013 in San Francisco. This was my 7th year attending the show!

And this year, I focused on new gluten-free products since I have gone gluten-free. It’s super exciting to see that there’s a trend going towards more gluten-free products.

Also, it’s nice to see quality, gluten-free products such as Cup4Cup flour, developed by Chef Lena Kwak at the famed Yountville, CA restaurant, French Laundry. She strived to not just develop a gluten-free flour, but the best baking flour ever.

The story is, one day, a diner at the French Laundry cried after she tried Lena’s gluten-free brioche, after not having eaten bread in over a decade. That inspired Chef Lena to create the best professional grade, gluten-free flour for everyone.

I got to sample dessert made with the flour and it taste just like wheat flour but with a smooth texture. I think it’s challenging to find the right texture when it comes to gluten-free products. And Chef Lena Kwak has done a wonderful job!

The meaning behind the name Cup4Cup is that you can replace a cup of wheat flour with this gluten-free flour, with a cup for a cup.

See my interview with Chef Lena Kwak at the Fancy Food Show below.


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