Costco Latte Freeze and McDonald’s Iced Coffee

We’re in a recession. Gas prices are high. Most of us are trying to save money. So I added a new category to YummySF entitled “cheap food”. I love iced coffee, fraps, and milkshakes. Instead of Starbucks or other coffee places, I investigated alternative places for iced coffee. I tried Jack-in-the-Box’s new Kona Coffee milkshake but it was a bit too sweet for me. Disappointing. And it tasted too much like their old Jamocha milkshake.

For around $2, your best bets are the Latte Freeze at Costco and the Iced Coffee at McDonald’s. I’ve never ever tried the Latte Freeze at Costco before, not until my husband bought it yesterday and I had a sip, which turned into 20 sips. It comes right out of a slurpee like machine and the texture is thick. The Latte Freeze tastes more like a coffee milkshake, thick and creamy, definitely yummy! It’s only $1.45 plus tax! The Latte Freeze is better than the Mocha Freeze. Why? The Mocha Freeze is just a Latte Freeze with Hershey’s chocolate syrup hand poured into it, which doesn’t mix well.

I was quite impressed with McDonald’s Iced Coffee. They have regular, hazelnut, and vanilla flavors. I tried the regular flavor and it is delicious! The coffee has a rich roasted flavor with a balanced sweetness. It tastes like Starbuck’s bottled frap but with a deeper coffee flavor. Oh so good! I am surprised that McDonald’s has a product of this quality. And it’s only $1.95 plus tax. Mmmmm….

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